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Summer Iced Coffee

I love love love coffees and teas, and in the dead of winter, nothing feels more satisfying than a warm cup of mocha between my hands and my cat curled up in my lap.

But wait.  It’s spring now, and in Arkansas it already feels like summer.  No warm coffee and cat-cuddling for me!  I’m going to show you how you can still enjoy your daily cup of joe without burning yourself up — however, I do not have any solutions for making your cat cooler and nicer to snuggle in this heat.  Sorry ’bout that.  Maybe you can make them wear a fanny pack filled with ice?  Let me know how that works out for you.

Anyway~, here’s all the things I’m using — you can substitute your own ingredients as you please:
– Coffee and whatever things you typically use for your coffee (sugar/sweetener, cream/creamer, etc.)
– Ice trays
– Blender (or a sno-cone machine)!
– Cocoa powder
– Vanilla extract

There are a couple ways you can do this, but I’m just going to write up my method.  I made two pots of coffee ahead of time (but my carafe is tiny, so you can get away with making just one, unless you plan on serving a lot of people), and I made it extra strong.  I poured it all into a pitcher and added some cold water to cool it down faster and bring the strength down to normal.  If you use a powdered creamer, you need to add it to your coffee before watering it down, as powdered creamer doesn’t blend well in cool coffee.

Pour one or two ice trays full of coffee (I just used one), and, obviously, let them freeze.  You should also refrigerate the rest of the coffee while you’re at it.  Once your coffee has become dark, caffeinated ice, you’re ready to blend~!  If you use a liquid creamer or just heavy cream like I use, add that to the blender first, plus your sugar and other miscellaneous ingredients (like the cocoa powder and vanilla extract that I used).  If you use cream, go ahead and whip it up for just a few seconds to give it a fluffier texture (but not too fluffy).  Then add your ice and your coffee, blend until your coffee is snowy…

Done!  Serve in some pretty glasses for extra finesse.  Comment below how you make your perfect cup of joe, hot or cold, and let me know if you used any other interesting or even unusual ingredients in this recipe.

Oh, and here’s +10 charisma points for you,

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