Check it — I’m still not dead!

I’ve been a very, very bad blogger.  =(.  I’ve just felt so discouraged about keeping up my blog because I had been hardly receiving any views or comments.  Really, though, that’s my own fault — if I would continue to blog regularly and actually put out the effort to blog something interesting, I would be able to keep people interested.

Anyway, my camera should be coming in the mail tomorrow, and I’ve set forth some goals to keep me busy with my photography.  I’m still working at the portrait studio, and I’m actually enjoying it now, but it does still make me a little burned out of clicking a shutter button some days.  Also, I’ve finally started my own portfolio~!  I don’t know that anyone will see it any time soon, but it will be good to have it on hand when I need it for a potential employer.

Also, I must confess, I’m pretty nerdy in that I’ve been spending a lot of my time playing my old, old Digimon games.  >_>.  So yeah!  I promise I’ll get on more and write for you guys soon~!

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deviantART Featured Newbs

As an artist, I know it can be pretty frustrating starting off small and trying to get my works noticed.  Truly, I am humble — I know I’m not the coolest cat in town — but I still have some works I would like to have become more recognized.  However, this post is not about me, but about the new, talented artists whose works I’ve seen pop up on the front page of deviantART.

If you would like to be featured on my future posts (I may make a habit of posting a “featured” post weekly), you may contact me through my deviantART page.  Please do bear in mind that this is a sort of charity to my fellow artists, and that I am focused on promoting new artists with works that are not well-recognized — if you already have a large fanbase, I am not likely to consider you.  To the featured newbs~!

By Effossor

by Autumn-Ruby

by AlinaDarko

by Sawce

by Fuzzy-Ozzy

by SebiCas

by deanmhirst

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Portraying Myself for Once

Mhmmm.  Self-portrait, and this time, it’s good.

Oh, right, you don’t know about that… a week or two ago, I set out on a project to make a self-portrait in the style of 2NE1’s “Hate You” music video, animated by Mari Kim.  It’s sort of an anime style, but it’s pretty different from most anime (either because this girl is really talented or because she’s Korean, making her art not technically anime, I suppose).

Also, I am a huge, huge fan of 2NE1.  They’re pretty mainstream, which is usually something I try to avoid, but I just love the way they sound, and they’re good enough that I can put it behind me that they’re mainstream.  Here’s the video and its artwork that my self-portrait somewhat mimics.

And here is… -drumroll-… my self-portrait~!

Thanks for viewing~!  Any questions or comments, you know what to do.  ;).

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Coming Soon: Makeup Tutorial

Hey, everyone!  It’s been a while since my last post and update, and I do plan on making another soon~.  I already have a makeup tutorial planned out.  Unfortunately though, I will not be making the tutorial until this… stye… goes away.  (Lesson learned: moisturizer does not double as a primer).

Also, I will be expanding to YouTube!  Yay!  Ultimately, I need to get more involved in blogging here, but I also want to start vlogging on YouTube to expand my audience a bit, and because video tutorials are sometimes preferred over picture tutorials.  I am mostly sure I’ll be featuring more than just makeup tutorials, however.

Lastly, in terms of the tutorials in question, if possible (or reasonable), I plan to make both picture tutorials and video tutorials of whatever tutorials I offer.  It seems a bit redundant, but some people prefer to watch videos and be shown exactly how to do something, and some people read quickly enough that they will learn faster by seeing a few pictures and reading along, so this will work out for everyone.

I’ll see you whenever~!

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*Big* Plans

It seems every now and again, my mind races at night and keeps me awake, even when I’m exhausted.  Sometimes the things on my mind are worrisome.  Sometimes I just get so excited by project ideas that they won’t let me sleep.  Last night was the latter.

Now, I don’t want to share exactly what it is that I plan on doing, but I’m going to make something for Gary’s birhday.  It seems so cheesy, and yet so… unexpected.  So unexpected that it is instantly perceived as sweet and surprising!  Hehehe.  Now, here’s a slight hint: what I plan on doing just might involve this tutorial from See Kate Sew.  Maybe.  Considering my plans are *rather large*, I’m not sure whether I’ll have the time and/or patience for lining a giant envelope.

“Giant envelope,” you say?  =).

In other news, have I told you guys I have a new camera on the way?  It’s still a bit old school, I believe — Nikon Coolpix S3000.  Cost me seventy bucks.  I can’t complain — I have few bills.  Anyway, this means I have my old Nikon Coolpix L11 that just might waste away, right?  Well, I told a friend that I’m going to let them have it and I’ll even ship it to them at no expense to them (I’m such a sweetie).  I told Gary this, and he got a little upset because he doesn’t have a camera (though I’m pretty sure I remember he had a camera that he was letting me use when mine wasn’t working), and he was really hoping I would give him my old camera.  Now, as much as I love Gary, I already promised the friend he could have it — I’m not going back on my word.

Gary does not have, you know, a camera-camera, but he does have a Droid, and I despise camera phones, but it’s really not that bad.  I doubt I will have the money to get him a nice camera, so I think what I’ll do instead is get him this attachable lens set from Photojojo.  Here be a picture to tickle your fancy.

It’s a three lens set for fifty dollars, plus shipping and handling, of course.  Still, should I get the lens set for fifty dollars, or try to find a refurbished camera for a little more?  The camera is, you know, an actual camera, but the lens set is three lenses (whereas if I get a camera, it will be a simple point-and-shoot, not an SLR, so it will have its default lens).  Any suggestions? ;).

Last thing, I love coffee.  That being said, I believe I am going to make a tutorial on brewing a cup of coffee without any fancy one-cup coffee makers.


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A Photo Opportunity

Well, well, well!  Enjoyed my shoot with Chancey today.  Unfortunately, she and her mother had things they had to take care of, and it was pretty warm outside, so I didn’t get very long to get pictures with her, but the few I got were absolutely beautiful!  I’m so proud of them, I think I’ll even order some prints and ship them to her house (secretly, of course… unless she reads this post through my Facebook, because I don’t want to block her from it, hehehe).

I absolutely love how she looks in this!  She said she was quite nervous to do all this, and she didn’t “know how to model”, so I’m glad I could catch such a natural, but fun expression from her.  She also worried her hands would look odd, but I think holding the curtain as she did looked a little playful~.

I knew that the light caught in the curtain would be beautiful, but I didn’t realize just how stunning it would be!  It almost looks as if the branches behind it are watercolored onto it, no?  I hope that I’ll find more materials in the future like this.  I am seriously considering just buying a bunch of window curtains to keep around for just this kind of thing — maybe I can find someplace cheaper than Walmart though.  Or I can make my own.  Whatever.

Oh, and by the by, this is officially the first portrait in my personal portfolio.  For serious.  I don’t take serious portraits, but I think I may start, because I would love to build a bigger, better portfolio to share with the world~!
“I can’t model a serious face,” she says. Nonetheless, she did rather well.  I suppose people who are technically models *know* how to work for a camera, and I did have to instruct Chancey a bit, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?  Besides, I can’t complain about the results.

Well, one complaint, and that’s that I actually left a ladder in sight of my camera when I took this picture.  Thank God for photoshop, right?  =D.

What I really loved about this spot, this time of day, was how the light shined through the trees and only illuminated select spots on the ground, or the curtain, or Chancey’s face.  Some people don’t like “splotchy” lighting like that, but I think it looks a bit celestial.

I loved this one because it wasn’t the more traditional looking-at-the-camera-portrait that I’m used to taking at work.  It was sunny, but slightly breezy outside, and I wanted to give it that feel somehow.  Like she’s just chilling there, nothing more important on her agenda than chilling with a dog.  And a window curtain.  =D.  Hehehehe.

If I’ve inspired you, awesome.  If I’ve planted a seed for thought, brilliant.  If you have an adequate response, comment.  =).

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Naughty Blogger

Indeed, I am a very naughty blogger, because I have still not made a habit of doing this daily.  Or weekly.  Or even monthly.  I still haven’t kept my promise on the last update!  >u<.  Ahh, well.

Either way, tomorrow, I am having my first ever photoshoot with Gary’s cousin, Chancey!  She’s pretty excited, but also nervous because she doesn’t “know how to model”, even though I keep telling her that I work as a photographer in a studio, so I’m used to posing people myself, ahaha.

Also, my dear friends Lindi and Helen are holding a contest either on their blog or Facebook for a free photoshoot!  I’m so excited.  Naturally, I’ll forward people to them… but I would really rather win it myself.  If you’re near enough northwest Arkansas, you should definitely enter because these girls are very good with cameras!

Lastly, HOLY CARAB!  I have just discovered for the first time ever how to link words to… links!  YAY!!!  Suddenly I like WordPress just a little more!  Anyway, I don’t know that I’ll update with pictures from the photoshoot tomorrow, but surely I will update with them soon.

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