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Kathryn is young, charismatic, and always learning something new. As of now, she is utilizing most of her time for cooking, crafting, photography (as she is now employed as a photographer for a studio), and learning Japanese, not to mention writing her own recipes and experiments, and building her portfolio.

A Little More Country

So I finally, finally got around to taking pictures, breaking in my camera, and taking more pictures to make up for the ones I didn’t take (you know, I was going to take two a week, and then totally didn’t).  So here’s some pictures of stuff and stuff.


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Appreciate Your Animals!

So you guys may or may not know about my craft blog on Tumblr, but today’s posts were themed around things to make for your pets (or nature’s pets).  I haven’t posted here in a while, and I just think I should show you guys some things I found today.  Check it.

1. Adorable Doggy Bow Tie
2. Bird House Bird Feeder
3. Birdseed Wedding Favor Hearts
4. How to Make a Dog Bed

That’s just a few of my findings~~~.  If you want to see more (including stuff that’s not limited to just pets), you can check out my Tumblr craft blog right over here.

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Glass-less Photo Frame

Ohmigahd, ohmigahd, ohmigahhhd.  Love.  I absolutely love this.  Okay, okay, okay, so I finally made time tonight to put together a photo frame like I’ve been wanting to do.  No tutorial, as I was inspired by another post (but didn’t read a tutorial on it) and I did all of this away from the computer.

– Frame was $12
– 9 feet of lace for $1
– 50 mini-clothespins for $2
— So it all cost $15, but you can do it way cheaper if you find a nice frame at a thrift store or a yard sale.

As I said, I don’t have a tutorial for you, but I was inspired by another tutorial at Look Between the Lines.  Here’s a much better image than mine to get you extra inspired!

So sorry I’ve not taken more time to write this up or take pictures for a tutorial, but I promise it’s way too easy~!  Try it for yourself and let me know the results.


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Remain Motivated

You know, I’ve made three new posts here today, and even though I’ve only had forty views, I still feel a bit encouraged.  Really, I wish I had the time or energy to do some other sort of project tonight, but I’m starving and exhausted, and I can’t decide whether to eat or sleep first.

I guess this will be a sort of journal post.  I’m cool with that.  Anyway, my dear friends Helen and Lindi run a blog, and they really blog about anything and everything crafty, artsy, or delicious, and it’s all so lovely.  Their blog is primarily centered around their photography, and they’re really, really talented, sweet, beautiful ladies (for real, just check them out).  I noticed when I reached the bottom of one of their pages earlier that there was a visit count — and it was a six-digit number!  I checked through their archives, and it looks like their blog is a few months older than mine, but they update so much more often, and honestly, much more interesting and beautiful things, ahahaha.  It made me feel a little jealous (it’s okay, I know one of you girls is reading), but really a barely-healthy jealous — like it was just motivation or encouragement to do better myself.

Relating to that, I posted recently that I would be working on my portfolio.  I’ve taken lots of pictures today, but all of which have been specifically to go with tutorials, so I won’t be using them as part of any portfolio or part of my two-a-week plan.  Hm.  I just want to be amazing, you know?

This entire post was computer jumbled and unorganized, but I think I’m okay with that.  ^u^.  I’ll write for you guys later, and I’ll… I’ll find something to do with my time off, but I shouldn’t be updating on WordPress tomorrow or Sunday.  My next update with probably be at the end of the week to show what photos I’ve gathered for my own practice.

Well, I hope you have a good night~.  I’d give you some charisma, but I’ve been giving out a lot of it today.  @_@.


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Classy Lace Votive

As a kid, I labelled myself a pyromaniac.  Not because I liked to set things on fire and might one day move on to bigger prey like houses and schools, but because I really liked candles and matches, and I didn’t really know the meaning of “pyromaniac”.  Nevertheless, my love for candles and lanterns and all things flammable endures!  Here’s a super simple way to make a simple, understated candle much classier (and maybe even arguably sexier).

If you’re a regular on my blog, then you know by now that all my tutorials are not “You should use…” but rather “This is what I used…”, so you already know that you should always keep yourself on your toes, imaginatively speaking.  On to it then~!

What I used, pictured here:
– Simple, small candle — less than a dollar
– Elmer’s rubber cement — about $3.00
– Ribbon — $2.00
– Black lace — maybe $3.00
— So about $9 total (the project doesn’t technically cost that much since I’m not using every strand of ribbon or lace or the entire bottle of rubber cement to make it happen —

( 1 ). You should take any labels off of your candle — we’re shooting for a classy look, after all.  ( 2 ). Measure your lace and your ribbon to be sure that they will fit nicely around the candle.  You can do this with either measuring tape if it suits you, or just wrap one around the candle (I cut the ribbon to fit the candle, and then I laid the ribbon over the lace so that I could see where to cut the lace).  ( 3 ). This will depend on your preference, but the original width of the lace was just tall enough that it would only barely peek over the top of the candle, and I wanted it to stand out more, so I cut the lace in two horizontally, glued them with the cement onto the candle, making sure to leave just enough vertical space between them that the ribbon could cover it up.  ( 4 ). Totally optional, but you should add something nice to yours, like a bow or little fabric rose.  <3.

That’s it!  Try it out, comment your results below, and please, please, please be sure to try something a little different!  I love seeing people take projects and making them their own.  I suggest you try it with white lace and a pastel color for a springtime decor.

Thanks again, and here’s your ten charisma,

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Wrapped “Pearl” Necklace

Okay, I want to apologize in advance that this tutorial is going to be sub-par, as it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve made a tutorial (or anything nice, for that matter).  On top of that, this is a new camera and it’s a little shaky compared to my older ones (which is absurd, because it should be a better model).  Anyway, on with it.

Okay, so thar be the materials yull be needin’.
– Ribbon
– Beads or marbles
– A light and translucent fabric
– A pendant, if you please~
– You will also need a sewing machine (or patience with a needle and thread)

To start, you should cut a strip of the fabric — however long you want, but the one I used was maybe 18″ — and make it wide enough to suit your beads/marbles — about 1 1/2 to 2″ across.  Fold it over and sew it up so that you make a tube out of the fabric.

Also, try to be cooler than me and use thread that matches the color of your fabric.

Next you’ll need to pull the tube inside-out.  You can clip a safety pin to one end, push it through the tubing, and… it’s hard to explain, but it makes it super easy to turn everything around.  By the by, isn’t it weird that the wooden pins that couldn’t hurt a fly are just clothespins, but the pins that people stab themselves in the thumbs with are called safety pins?

I got a little project happy and forgot to keep taking pictures, but this is actually easy enough.  Drop a bead through one end of your fabric tube and hold both ends of the tube up so that the bead rests in the middle.  Tie a tough knot one side of the bead (don’t worry if it’s not perfectly centered), and then tie a tight knot on the opposite side — but do so slowly to make sure you actually wrap the bead tightly.  You’ll repeat the process by adding beads on each side and tying them off.  Keep going until you feel you’re finished.

If you’ve decided to use a pendant and you want it lopsided on the necklace like mine is, tie it in after tying in a few beads.  As you can see, it has knots around it just like each of the beads do.  Continue adding beads if you like (I added two more to the pendant side).

You should do this however suits you best, but I made little loops on each end of the necklace so far so that I could tie my ribbon in.  There was fabric leftover, but I cut it short (but not so short that the loops can come loose easily).  If you cut the ends, make sure your knots securing the loops are very, very tight first.

Cut two strands of ribbon, and they should be very long (I know, I know, I should really start taking measurements, but I just eyeball everything).  Double over the ribbon like it is in the picture, because its length doubled over is what matters.  Basically, just use common sense and make sure that it’s long enough that you’ll be able to slip the necklace over your head.  I cut one strand of ribbon longer than the other so that when I tied them together, the bow would be on one side instead of centered.  Once you’ve got them cut to your preference, one ribbon through each of the loops made on the fabric and keep the ribbon folded over.

Treat each set of two as one strand (just hold them together), and tie each of the two collected strands into a knot so that the ends are even.  After that, tie a bow however you please, or make two bows, since you have enough strands to do so.

Done!  Now go feel lovely.  <3.  Comment below and let me know how yours turned out or whether you did anything different.

Here’s ten charisma for you,

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Summer Iced Coffee

I love love love coffees and teas, and in the dead of winter, nothing feels more satisfying than a warm cup of mocha between my hands and my cat curled up in my lap.

But wait.  It’s spring now, and in Arkansas it already feels like summer.  No warm coffee and cat-cuddling for me!  I’m going to show you how you can still enjoy your daily cup of joe without burning yourself up — however, I do not have any solutions for making your cat cooler and nicer to snuggle in this heat.  Sorry ’bout that.  Maybe you can make them wear a fanny pack filled with ice?  Let me know how that works out for you.

Anyway~, here’s all the things I’m using — you can substitute your own ingredients as you please:
– Coffee and whatever things you typically use for your coffee (sugar/sweetener, cream/creamer, etc.)
– Ice trays
– Blender (or a sno-cone machine)!
– Cocoa powder
– Vanilla extract

There are a couple ways you can do this, but I’m just going to write up my method.  I made two pots of coffee ahead of time (but my carafe is tiny, so you can get away with making just one, unless you plan on serving a lot of people), and I made it extra strong.  I poured it all into a pitcher and added some cold water to cool it down faster and bring the strength down to normal.  If you use a powdered creamer, you need to add it to your coffee before watering it down, as powdered creamer doesn’t blend well in cool coffee.

Pour one or two ice trays full of coffee (I just used one), and, obviously, let them freeze.  You should also refrigerate the rest of the coffee while you’re at it.  Once your coffee has become dark, caffeinated ice, you’re ready to blend~!  If you use a liquid creamer or just heavy cream like I use, add that to the blender first, plus your sugar and other miscellaneous ingredients (like the cocoa powder and vanilla extract that I used).  If you use cream, go ahead and whip it up for just a few seconds to give it a fluffier texture (but not too fluffy).  Then add your ice and your coffee, blend until your coffee is snowy…

Done!  Serve in some pretty glasses for extra finesse.  Comment below how you make your perfect cup of joe, hot or cold, and let me know if you used any other interesting or even unusual ingredients in this recipe.

Oh, and here’s +10 charisma points for you,

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