A Photo Opportunity

12 Sep

Well, well, well!  Enjoyed my shoot with Chancey today.  Unfortunately, she and her mother had things they had to take care of, and it was pretty warm outside, so I didn’t get very long to get pictures with her, but the few I got were absolutely beautiful!  I’m so proud of them, I think I’ll even order some prints and ship them to her house (secretly, of course… unless she reads this post through my Facebook, because I don’t want to block her from it, hehehe).

I absolutely love how she looks in this!  She said she was quite nervous to do all this, and she didn’t “know how to model”, so I’m glad I could catch such a natural, but fun expression from her.  She also worried her hands would look odd, but I think holding the curtain as she did looked a little playful~.

I knew that the light caught in the curtain would be beautiful, but I didn’t realize just how stunning it would be!  It almost looks as if the branches behind it are watercolored onto it, no?  I hope that I’ll find more materials in the future like this.  I am seriously considering just buying a bunch of window curtains to keep around for just this kind of thing — maybe I can find someplace cheaper than Walmart though.  Or I can make my own.  Whatever.

Oh, and by the by, this is officially the first portrait in my personal portfolio.  For serious.  I don’t take serious portraits, but I think I may start, because I would love to build a bigger, better portfolio to share with the world~!
“I can’t model a serious face,” she says. Nonetheless, she did rather well.  I suppose people who are technically models *know* how to work for a camera, and I did have to instruct Chancey a bit, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?  Besides, I can’t complain about the results.

Well, one complaint, and that’s that I actually left a ladder in sight of my camera when I took this picture.  Thank God for photoshop, right?  =D.

What I really loved about this spot, this time of day, was how the light shined through the trees and only illuminated select spots on the ground, or the curtain, or Chancey’s face.  Some people don’t like “splotchy” lighting like that, but I think it looks a bit celestial.

I loved this one because it wasn’t the more traditional looking-at-the-camera-portrait that I’m used to taking at work.  It was sunny, but slightly breezy outside, and I wanted to give it that feel somehow.  Like she’s just chilling there, nothing more important on her agenda than chilling with a dog.  And a window curtain.  =D.  Hehehehe.

If I’ve inspired you, awesome.  If I’ve planted a seed for thought, brilliant.  If you have an adequate response, comment.  =).

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One response to “A Photo Opportunity

  1. Helen

    September 14, 2011 at 11:21 PM

    Pretty! :)


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