A Little Country

09 May

Oh, my gosh, I have been planning to post for… a good few hours, but I have been so busy (and by “busy”, I mean watching videos of BoA on YouTube for the past… since I got home today). You like K-pop? Or J-pop? Or K/J-pop stars singing English? Here‘s my favorite video of today.

Anyway, now to the meat of this post. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had basically gone AWOL in terms of shooting, due to the fact that I no longer had my own computer, and it was just frustrating to bother shooting when I knew it would be a long while before I would actually get to work on any of my shots. Yes, I lost my ambition. However, I did finally get this beautiful Asus laptop as a graduation present (a year late, might I add), and I couldn’t be giddier. Well, actually, internet was installed at my place yesterday, so… I could possibly be giddier! (I am really surprised that “giddier” doesn’t have a wavy red line under it as I’m typing this — I never would have guessed that it was actually a word).

I was visiting my boyfriend a couple days ago, who is so fortunate as to live in the country and have forty acres of land, and while he was busy playing Red Dead Redemption or some other noise, I went out to play with my camera again. Here are those shots for your viewing pleasure.

Now, truth be told, I can’t say that I have much inspiration.  Ehh.  Maybe that’s a lie.  The sun itself and the beautiful weather were my inspiration, and that means something, considering that I’m a mega shut-in (I don’t burn, I tan, but no one would ever guess that because I’m so ridiculously pale — guess I’ll be a vampire for Halloween).

This lovely specimen here is my boyfriend’s dog, Hansel.  He’s probably mostly German shepherd, but there are no papers to prove it.  Whatever.  He’s a sweetie.  Maybe about six months old?  Eh, you probably don’t care about that.  Well, he’s really energetic, and I was so very fortunate to get a shot of him sitting still.  (He seems a bit too independent to really follow the “stay” command).

Now, I have this knack for being inexcusably honest and volunteering information without it first being sought — I am not fully sure whether I like this shot.

I’m not really one to shoot nature often in my photography (and you’ll argue otherwise when you see everything else that I’ve posted below), so I never really know whether such shots are really appreciated, or even capable of appreciation (at least in terms of my own nature photography).  As I mentioned before in my previous post, different people have different tastes, and people don’t seem to see eye-to-eye with me on what is aesthetic.

I have no idea what this little plant is, but I love its shape, and I didn’t see any others like it, so I had to take the shot.

I don’t know why it is, but I can’t seem to help myself.  I love bricks, as you’ll see in another shot and more on my Flickr.  My guess would just be that… I still have no idea.  They’re so rough, and they have a texture that is just beautiful to photograph.  Also, the holes in them, which vary so much with so many different bricks, just create a nice pattern, I think.

I really like this shot in particular because the holes almost appear to be continuing infinitely, and I love love love the dark “freckles” that the rough texture makes.  This shot is so simple, but it’s easily one of my favorites.  I suppose maybe shooting nothing but bricks could be pretty boring, but… I think I’ll set out on a mission to do so, and make it sassy.

This one — I’m a little disappointed in myself for this one, because I feel like I could have done so much better.  Ah, well, I’ll just share what I was going for and what I wish was better.

Ultimately, my goal was just to use the posts and the little gate to frame the shot, although I suppose it actually was the entire shot.  No complaints there.  I had to do quite a bit of processing to lighten up the grassy bits (shh!), which made this shot look super grainy, so then I tried correcting that, which I think made the shot look a bit pasty.  I want to love this SO MUCH, but I’m just a bit disappointed.  I don’t have a very nice camera — it’s just a shoddy little Nikon Coolpix L11 — so it can be challenging to concern myself with exposure and the such.  My only guess to what caused my problems with this shot is the bright, bright sun challenged the grass.  Or something.  I don’t even know, man.

What did I tell you?  You can’t hardly keep me from shooting bricks.  I’m so freaking weird.

There’s not really much to say about this one that I couldn’t say about the previous one.  Well… I can point out that the holes are a little bit different in shape, though not much, but the texture is so different.  I love the smoother, almost slate-like texture that this one has.  Even more so, I absolutely love all the bits of moss and such growing in and around the brick.  I have several shots of bricks like this in the ground, but I won’t post them right here, right now.

Will it bother you if the words don’t reach the bottom of the image?  I think it will bother me, but I’m not really sure what else to type to fill in the space, aside from what I’m typing now. … Yeah, this looks good enough.  Moving on.

I am not so fond of this, but my dear boyfriend is.  I mention him enough now that I’ll just let you know his name is Gary so that I can stop typing “my boyfriend”.  Anyway, Gary really loves this, so I’m primarily posting it for him.  I imagine he loves it because of the endless yellow flowers and the fact that he can actually see this just to the left of his driveway.  I do like getting shots of the field though because there used to be cows in it, but the owner of them is no longer renting the land.  Hence, there are no cows to graze, and the grass and flowers are growing so much taller.

… I said I’m not fond of it, but I grow to like it even more the longer I see it.  It’s not too bad, right?  I guess this is nice to look at — the red posts continuing forever, the yellow flowers peeking out from the posts, and that bright blue sky.  Oh, look, all the primary colors are together! … Okay, I was leading you into that, but still.  That pretty much sums up what I like about it.

This shot was in my previous post about shots that I don’t like but others do.

Of course, nature photography is pretty much all I’ve been shooting, so perhaps I’ll become better and grow to like it better.

I love chrysanthemums.  I love clovers.  I love that I’m cool enough to spell “chrysanthemums” with confidence.  Okay, I’m doing that thing where I digress again.  I have grown to like this shot, though I do think I have others that are better.  I do, however, really like just how brightly the white petals contrast with the dark, plush clovers.  In terms of inspiration, I can’t really say that I have any.  However, someone has commented that this shot reminded her of a fond childhood memory she shared with her mother.  That in itself is what photography — or any art, for that matter — should be about.  Just hearing that I reached someone on a personal level was pretty inspiring to me, and I think that alone will inspire me to make more shots that may reach others.

I hate yellow.  So much. … But I just love yellow flowers!  Daffodils are my favorite, but it’s such a shame that they’re only around for such a short while.  Almost like mayflies (if you don’t know what those are, they’re cute little green “flies” that actually look like dragonflies, and they only live for one day — one — that is their life cycle).

Again, I don’t really know what I can say about inspiration.  They’re cute yellow flowers.  And I had hardly much else to shoot.  Urm.  Well.  They smelled nice, too.  Things are just naturally more attractive when they smell nice, don’t you think?  I mean, really, doesn’t that rule apply to people as well?  Again, I’m digressing to fill up space.

I am not the typical girl.  I don’t “text” people on a minute-by-minute basis (plus, I HATE using the word “text” as a verb — I am way too literate to accept that such a thing is… acceptable).  I do not see the point of painting one’s nails.  Lipstick tastes like oil, and I will avoid it at all costs.  On top of all that, I do not run in fear at the sight of an invertebrate with a stinger.  My philosophy is that if you do not make them angry, they won’t make you cry.  Hence, I got so many shots of this sweet little guy!

My inspiration for this: showing people I’m not scared to get too close to a bee.  Actually, I was taking pictures of this cute little flower before the bees came to visit me.  I love chrysanthemums, and these looked like purple chrysanthemums to me; purple is my favorite color, so this was something I refused to pass up.  Anyway, as I was doing so, a couple bees came to collect nectar or whatever it is that bees do.  I got many shots of this bee in particular, but this one is my favorite because he’s actually facing my camera and it almost looks as if he is acknowledging me!  How cute!  Look at those cute little antennae!  You know you would pet him if he wouldn’t sting the fire out of you and then die because your skin pulled the fire off of him. … Yes, I am suggesting that killing the bee is worse than getting stung by him.  I would tell you that I’m kidding, but that would ruin the humor of this, so let’s say I’m not.

Now this one.  Oh, man, I love this one.  If you’re reading this, you’re likely an artsy person, so let me ask — you know that giddy feeling when you do whatever you’re passionate about, and you do or catch something even better than you’re used to, with hardly even any effort?  That is exactly how I felt!  I think I was even verbally excited.

I love this shot because it is just so much different than all those other green shots I had that day.  It’s so bright and blue, and just… perfect!  At least in my eyes.  As I’ve said, so many people have different tastes than me, so perhaps this won’t be as big of a hit as I think it will be with people.  I would enter it into one of those “Post 1, Score 5” groups on Flickr, but I have had too many bad experiences of those people being too freaking snobby to give me a break! … Anyway, that’s all that I’m sharing for this post!

Please leave any comments, questions, or (constructive) criticism.  ;D.  To comment on these shots or view more of my work, please visit my Flickr or DeviantART pages.  Disclaimer: my old work sucks.

Update: Someone told me a couple days ago that, basically, I was completely unaware of what a chrysanthemum was.  That being said, some of what’s in this post probably didn’t make much sense to you if you know what they are.  Now that you know I don’t know what they are, it should make sense.

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